Happy Days 101: A Crash Course for First-Time Cannabis Explorers

Happy Days 101: A Crash Course for First-Time Cannabis Explorers

The legalization of cannabis in New York in 2021 has caused a massive peak in interest for adults who’ve never tried cannabis products! This is big news considering Happy Days is Long Islands newest licensed cannabis dispensary! No frets, no card needed!

Read on for the ultimate crash course for first-time cannabis explorers!

The Basics of Cannabis Use

It’s important to understand the basics of marijuana before diving in headfirst. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, marijuana, or ‘weed’, is a psychoactive drug that comes from the cannabis sativa plant.

The main ingredient – and the one that produces marijuana’s mind-altering effects – is THC. There are over 480 constituents of cannabis.

There are also different types of cannabis, namely sativa, indica, and hybrid:

  • Sativa is often used during the daytime because it has a stimulating effect, producing an energizing “mind high” with anxiety-reducing properties. This type of cannabis typically has lower amounts of CBD and higher amounts of THC.
  • In contrast, Indica usually has higher amounts of CBD and a similar THC level as a sativa. Indicas induce relaxation and are typically used at night. They also serve several medicinal purposes.
  • Hybrid cannabis strains have unique rations of sativa and indica cannabinoids. Depending on whether the hybrid is indica- or sativa-dominant, it can have different effects on the mind and body.

On the subject of cannabis strains, Happy Days Dispensary can confidently say that we have the best strains here on Long Island!

Is Growing Cannabis Legal in New York?

Growing cannabis at home isn’t too common, but it is legal for New Yorkers age 21 or older to grow a maximum of six cannabis plants in their home for personal use, with a maximum of twelve plants per residency.

However, renters will have to look elsewhere – finding a landlord who’s okay with growing in your apartment might be tough!

Marijuana Consumption Methods

There are three primary ways of consuming marijuana: smoking, vaping, and oral consumption.


One of the most common methods of consuming weed is smoking cannabis flower. When smoking cannabis, the user lights the flower and inhales through devices like pipes, water pipes like bongs and bubblers, blunts, or joints.


Another inhalation method for consuming cannabis is vaping. Some believe that this is a healthier alternative to smoking because it doesn’t have the risk of releasing tar and carcinogens that can happen when you burn cannabis.

Some methods of vaping cannabis include vaporizers, vape pens, and dabbing using a dab rig and cannabis concentrate.

Oral Consumption

Oral consumption is most commonly used in the form of edibles. Edibles typically include cannabis-infused baked goods, drinks, or gummies. When you consume edibles, the cannabis is absorbed differently, meaning the psychoactive effects of the cannabinoid take longer to set in, ranging from 20 minutes to several hours.

Along with edibles, cannabis can be orally consumed through tinctures, which are absorbed sublingually through the vessels under your tongue. The most effective way to consume tinctures is by placing a few drops under your tongue and holding them before swallowing. However, some people consume tinctures simply by placing a few drops of the liquid in their drinks.

Marijuana Benefits and Uses

There are numerous marijuana and CBD benefits and uses that make this substance incredibly popular. Understanding the health benefits of medical marijuana can help you determine whether you’ll find marijuana helpful and enjoyable.

Let’s look at a few key benefits of marijuana.

Marijuana for Mental Health

Many cannabis users enjoy marijuana because of the strong relationship between cannabis and mental health. Marijuana and mental health often go hand-in-hand, and many people report several mental health benefits when using cannabis.

The most notable reported benefit is anxiety reduction. Marijuana users commonly report using cannabis to cope with anxiety, particularly social anxiety disorder. At lower doses, THC can decrease anxiety – however, it’s important to note that THC can increase anxiety at higher doses. Research also indicates that CBD products reduce anxiety at all doses.

Marijuana for Pain Management

Another reported benefit of marijuana is using cannabis for pain management. Some evidence shows that marijuana has positive effects in treating chronic pain, and can also help with everyday pains like nausea and headaches.

Improved Sleep

Many people use cannabis, like indica, to induce relaxation and promote healthier sleeping patterns. Many strains have a somewhat sedative effect, which can be highly useful for those struggling with insomnia.

Appetite Stimulation

Users often claim that cannabis promotes a healthier appetite, especially when using an indica strain. This can be useful for the average person with a low appetite or someone undergoing treatment like chemotherapy whose appetite is notably low.

The Side Effects of Cannabis

While cannabis and wellness have a strong relationship, using marijuana isn’t without some side effects. These side effects can range from mild to more disruptive effects depending on the user.

Common side effects of marijuana include:

  • Headaches
  • Drowsiness
  • Lightheadedness or dizziness
  • Dry mouth and dry eyes

Less common, but still possible, side effects of cannabis include:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Hallucinations
  • Disorientation
  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased appetite

It’s important to note that cannabis consumption is considered to impair your attention, coordination, and judgment, making it important to use the substance responsibly and avoid driving or operating machinery when under the influence.

Additionally, while cannabis has some reported mental health benefits, individuals with mental health conditions might experience worsening symptoms. When used too frequently, cannabis can potentially increase your risk of depression or worsen any existing depressive symptoms.

Long-term cannabis use can worsen respiratory conditions and may cause cardiovascular issues like high blood pressure.

Start Your Wellness Journey With Happy Days Dispensary

Embarking on a path of discovery and exploring the world of cannabis is best when you have a dispensary you can trust. Happy Days Dispensary is a licensed cannabis dispensary serving Long Island and New York residents looking to consume responsibly.

From loose flower to pre-rolls, edibles, vaporizers, topicals, concentrates, and more, you’ll find everything you need to enjoy your cannabis experience from Happy Days Dispensary. Learn more about cannabis and shop products from Happy Days today!

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