Exploring the Outdoors With Cannabis: The Best Spots in New York

Exploring the Outdoors With Cannabis: The Best Spots in New York

High on Nature: Your Guide to Exploring the Great Outdoors With Cannabis

Now that cannabis is legal for recreational use in New York, those who imbibe have the opportunity to explore their surroundings in a whole new way. Taking cannabis out of the living room and into nature is a rewarding experience every cannabis user needs to try. There is nothing quite like being high on nature in the outdoors, and Long Island and Farmingdale have plenty of options. If you are wondering where to start exploring the outdoors with your favorite cannabis, here are some amazing ideas. 

Enhance Your Favorite Hike Getting High in the Outdoors

If you love being active and you love nature, exploring the outdoors while enjoying cannabis is the perfect way to enhance your favorite hike. A trail’s sights, scents, and sounds will be amplified when paired with a solid Sativa. Just remember to be safe. Let someone know where you are, pack plenty of water, carry a fully charged phone, and pick a marked trail. Luckily, many places in the Long Island vicinity meet these criteria.

  • Caumsett State Park: This is one of the most popular hiking spots on Long Island. It has beautiful beaches, picturesque bluffs, and breathtaking views of the Long Island Sound. 
  • Bayard Cutting Arboretum: This stunning arboretum (a botanical garden for trees) is nestled along the Connetquot River, offering fresh air, clear water, and incredible views. 

Relax on the Beach With Your Favorite Indica

If you love to unwind and relax with some Indica, the beach is the perfect stoned activity for you. The sound of waves crashing, the sensation of cool sand under your feet, and watching birds fly overhead all help to relieve stress and relax — the perfect combination for enjoying cannabis while exploring the great outdoors. If you are looking for a beach in Long Island, consider these two:

  • Long Beach: This quaint beach town is a cannabis lover’s dream. It offers gorgeous beaches, a bustling boardwalk, elaborate murals, fun bars, and plenty of food options when the munchies hit. 
  • Ocean Beach: This beach requires a ferry to get there, which only adds to the relaxing experience. Once there, there is plenty to do and see, including relaxing on the beach, cruising the boardwalk, or enjoying fresh seafood at one of the delicious local restaurants. 

High-Friendly Long Island Sports

If you enjoy playing sports, you can also enjoy plenty while high on nature in the outdoors.

  • Golf: The pace of golf pairs well with cannabis, and Farmingdale is known for its five world-class golf courses at Bethpage State Park. While there, you can also unwind on the park’s trails and picnic areas.
  • Disc Golf: Long Island’s Heckscher State Park provides a championship-caliber disc golf course that is fun for beginners and advanced players. This disc golf course spans over 50 acres and offers diverse challenges, ensuring you never feel bored.

Exploring Outdoors With Cannabis

Long gone are the days when people had to hide their cannabis use. Now, you can enjoy your favorite cannabis free of judgment while exploring the great outdoors. Of course, it is always essential to be safe and respect local laws. Smoking marijuana is allowed anywhere tobacco is permitted in New York, but many public areas are off-limits. For areas where you can’t smoke, packing an edible is a fantastic alternative. 

Finding the Best Cannabis Dispensary in Long Island

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