Can Edibles Improve a Workout?

Can Edibles Improve a Workout?

Cannabis and exercise have long been closely associated. Athletes adore the benefits of CBD, and many people love the sensation of exercising while high on THC. But can cannabis edibles really improve your workout? This is a question of both physical science and personal experience that we would love to help you answer.

Cannabis has many beneficial effects that can improve your athletic experience, both physically and mentally. Let’s dive into the details.

Why Edibles for Exercise

First, let’s talk edibles. If you like working out high – or just enjoy the benefits of CBD – edibles are the best way to pair cannabis with workouts. Why?

Two reasons: Carbs and lung capacity.

First, carbs are the ideal snack right before you exercise. Sugar and starch turn directly into energy in your body. If you’re exercising, that energy fuels your workouts so you can be more exuberant in your fitness routine. So, a cannabis cookie, pot brownie, or even a few sugar gummies are just the thing right before you work out.

Second, smoking and vaping make you cough when they are hitting the best. Naturally, you don’t want to be coughing while you get into your cardio or rely on deep breaths for heavy lifting, so edibles are the deliciously ideal alternative.

Cannabinoids are Anti-Inflammatory: Reducing Muscle Recovery Time

The thing athletes love most about cannabis is that it reduces muscle recovery time and discomfort.

If you know anything about workouts, you know that inflammation can be a challenge. Building muscle involves working out so hard that you cause micro-tears in your muscle tissue that then heal with stronger and larger muscle tissue. Of course, this also causes swelling and tenderness during the muscle recovery process.

Because both THC and CBD have anti-inflammatory properties, your muscles are less painful and stop swelling sooner – similar to taking NSAIDs, taking an Epsom Salt bath, or eating turmeric to reduce swelling and improve muscle recovery. 

CBD Can Increase Your Exercise Endurance

CBD has some well-studied pain-relieving and mood-lifting qualities that many athletes find improve their performance. While CBD doesn’t make you faster or stronger, it does make it easier for you to workout harder and longer. This is because you will experience fewer aches and enjoy the exercise more. Because CBD is non-psychoactive, it is also favored even by athletes who prefer a sober lifestyle.

Working Out High is Fun

Finally, it’s just plain fun to exercise while you’re high. CBD may have the most physical benefits, but THC makes every movement into a joy. The mild psychoactive effects can make the simple delight of moving your muscles a fascinating and inspiring experience.

If you’re new to cannabis workouts, we strongly suggest you pump up the jams. There is nothing like cardio-grooving to your favorite beats to make your exercise more intense, more fun, and fly by in a flash. You’ll have reached your cardio and routine goals in no time by riding the cannabis wave of fun and physical activity.

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