CBD for Dogs: Chews, Hemp Oils, Capsules & Topicals

CBD for Dogs: Chews, Hemp Oils, Capsules & Topicals

CBD for dogs is an ever-growing trend among loving dog […]

CBD for dogs is an ever-growing trend among loving dog owners. Sharing a happy life with your animal companion is all about sharing what’s good, especially food and the joys of nature.

CBD is one of those natural plant compounds that makes life better. The cannabinoid is found in natural hemp plants and is most present in uncultivated cannabis. It provides benefits like relaxation, improved mood, reduced allergies, and pain relief. Some also find it helpful for sleep or appetite management and have shown benefits in reducing seizures.

Most of these same benefits also seem to be enjoyed by dogs who eat CBD treats and use other CBD-related products. If you’re curious about CBD for dogs, join us as we explore chews, hemp oils, capsules, and topicals and their potential benefits for your dog.

What Effect Does CBD Have on Dogs?

If you look at the positive effects of CBD for humans, pets also share most of them. Studies have shown that CBD can help dogs reduce seizures and is beneficial for doggy pain management. Beyond what has been studied, however, we can also look at millions of personal reports from pet owners on the positive effects of CBD.

CBD can help your furry friend with:

  • Allergies
  • Appetite
  • Pain
  • Sleep
  • Inflammation
  • Injury recovery
  • Seizures

How Much CBD Is Right for Dogs?

Like any new medicine, starting slow and consulting a medical expert is important. Talk with your vet regarding whether CBD is right for your dog and what dose size you should start with.

Smaller doses are also ideal when giving your dog CBD for the first time to discover how they respond to it. Every person and every dog is unique—your pet may become relaxed, playful, or hungry. But they can’t tell you exactly what’s up. So always keep it safe and talk to your vet before you try anything new with your pets. it’s always better safe than sorry and doesn’t hurt to ask as that’s what vets are there for. 

A good baseline is to start at one-half or one-quarter of a single human dose based on your dog’s size. CBD products for dogs often start at very small amounts to help your pet adapt to the effect. Your vet can provide more specific guidance!

What Are the Types of CBD Dog Products?

With the popularity of CBD, it should come as no surprise that dogs can also use many products to enjoy CBD. However, only a few specific types of products are ideal for dog use. These include:

  • Chews
  • Hemp oil
  • Topicals
  • Capsules

CBD Dog Chews

Dog chews are edible toys meant to be chewed on for a long time. Rawhide bones, ropes, and chewy snacks are all good examples. Dogs love to chew, and these products infused with medical or herbal ingredients are a great way to keep your pet healthy.

CBD chews are often made of hemp or tasty snacks infused with CBD oil to give your dog the benefits of CBD while they enjoy one of their favorite pastimes.

CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs

This is a great way to share CBD with your dog quickly and easily. Hemp oil that is safe for humans to add to their food is also safe for dogs. You can sprinkle a little hemp oil over your dog’s kibble or on a special treat and they will enjoy it. Start with half the size of a small human dose, or a quarter dose for small dogs to see their reaction before adding more.

CBD Dog Topicals

Dogs often have itchy spots and inflammation. CBD is a naturally mild herbal medicine that can directly treat an inflamed area if used topically. Topicals can give your dog some relief from an itchy hot spot or an inflamed injury and are also safe for them to lick. 

CBD Capsules for Dogs

CBD capsules can also be used if you want to give your dog an exact measured dose of CBD for medicinal purposes or a time-released treatment. Tuck a capsule into a squish of bread, a pill pocket treat, or a roll of deli meat to help them eat it. Capsules will break down and provide time-released relief from whatever might ail your dog.

The best things in life are even better when you share them with your dog. Discover more CBD products for dogs with Happy Days Dispensary!

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