Exploring Outdoor Activities with Cannabis: Hiking, Camping, And More

Exploring Outdoor Activities with Cannabis: Hiking, Camping, And More

Cannabis on the Trail: Nature’s Boost for Outdoor Adventures

There is nothing like doing your favorite relaxing activities with cannabis. That full-body sense of well-being and the ability to appreciate the beauty all around you that cannabis is so known for pairs perfectly with the great outdoors. Cannabis makes it easier to appreciate the delights of the senses, and Mother Nature has so many delights to offer. 

While sober, you might think, “What a nice forest!” But suffused in dreamy awareness, you will notice every beautiful leaf, the clearness of the sky, the crunch of underbrush beneath your feet, and every delicious floral scent around you. You will notice the artistry in tree bark and the intricacy of bird song. Should you go hiking and camping with weed? Absolutely. 

Taking Cannabis on Your Nature Walk

You don’t have to go far from home to enjoy cannabis, surrounded by the beauty of nature. If you have a favorite nature trail near your home or a walk along the beach that you normally find lovely, it will become all the more beautiful when you enjoy it with weed. THC’s slightly psychoactive effects can free your mind of day-to-day worries so that you can enjoy and appreciate the beauty and sensations around you. However, even CBD can help you relax, lifting your mood so that you enjoy your nature walk more than usual – and with increased stamina to go down the gorgeous path than you might normally venture.


What Is the Best Way to Enjoy Smoking Weed on a Hike?

Hiking and marijuana go perfectly together. This is because hiking is a combination of exercise and nature appreciation. You may already know that THC and CBD can help ease those muscle and joint aches that will sometimes hold you back on a hike so you can enjoy your hike more thoroughly. The relaxing qualities of cannabis also enhance your ability to appreciate the beauty of the hiking trail and even to notice the little things like tiny flowers blooming on the trailside or a curious squirrel watching from a nearby tree.

The best way to enjoy cannabis on a hike is to bring a small amount with you. A well-packed spoon pipe (slightly resonated so it sticks in the bowl) or a vape pen are the ideal methods so that you can take a few small puffs as you go along. The best moment, however, is sharing a hit with your friend or partner when you reach that one spectacular view.


Going Camping With Cannabis

If you want to enhance a camping trip with cannabis, this is a wonderful idea. Friends often like to get a little “lit” when alone together under the trees and stars. Cannabis is one of those friendly things you can pass around the campfire that will make your s’mores taste better and reveal the wonders of the forest to you as you hike or simply lie beneath the canopy, sharing your dreams with your favorite people.

You can pass around some pre-rolled joints, share a sturdy pipe, bring a charged vape pen, or even enjoy camping snacks made from cannabis edibles. There are so many ways to enjoy cannabis on your camping trip and share it with your friends.

Of course, it’s important to enjoy your camping cannabis responsibly. Just like bringing a few beers or a bottle of wine, enjoy your cannabis once you find your campsite, and be sure to pack it away the night before you leave in the morning. This way, each driver is fully sober and safe to drive on the way home.


Cannabis and the Great Outdoors

If you’re planning a hike or a camping trip in Long Island, packing the perfect cannabis can be a lot of fun. Do you want edible ingredients for cannabis smores or perhaps a flavored disposable vape pen to share with friends? If you’re concerned about hiking aches, try a 1:1 (THC/CBD) strain that will provide the most mental and physical benefits. Choose a heavy indica to help everyone sleep at night or an uplifting Sativa for daytime outdoor festivities on your trip.

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